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Long ago, a wise man said, "The moral universe rests upon the breath of schoolchildren."

As a parent, teacher and writer, I frequently read stories to children. Even very young children are capable of opening their amazing minds and great hearts to the world, its challenges and joys. I write stories to give children and their grown-ups this opportunity.
Late winter news:
I recently gave a workshop at the Hubb's Children Literature Conference. My topic was on using children's stories to teach kids about social justice. I have posted the bibliography of these stories on this site here. Check it out, use it, and let me know how it is helpful to you! 

Looking for a great and worthy justice project for your class or parish? Learn about the hundreds of unaccompanied migrating children are held in detention centers in El Paso, TX. There parishioners of St. Pius X parish reach out to these children. Help the kids, and help the parishioners with this important work. See a study and action packet here.

It was brought to my attention recently that a scam website is offering two of my titles, All God's Children and A Circle of Saints, for sale as e-books. This has not been authorized either by the publisher or me. So beware: that site might be there to get your credit card information. 

For Teachers, Catechists, Students, and Families
 The Maryknoll Classroom Program's companion website has been launched! It is brimming over with stories from Maryknoll, related activities, photos, and other resources. See

Sneak peak at 2014 study guides:
  • January: How do a group of children in El Salvador become "literacy promoters"? How is teaching people to read like throwing a stone in a pond? Who does Lay Missioner Rick say throws a stone into a pond first? This study guide can be found on the above website. 
  • February: Focus on Compassion: Maryknoll Sister/Doctor Jane has worked for years in a clinic in Guatemala, helping children grow, healing those who are sick, and teaching others to be health promoters. 
  • March: In Nepal, many people work as brickmakers. Father Joseph arrived and saw how these workers and their children did not have enough food, water, education, medical care. And he set about to change that.  
  • April: When a young man is tricked into a terrible and unjust situation, he remembers the lessons about fairness and equality that he was taught by Maryknoll teachers as a child, and begins to work for justice and dignity for many people. 

So come into this world of stories and check out all the books, resources and ideas!
Please e-mail me and share your thoughts and experiences with working on justice issues and spirituality with kids.                                     

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                                                                                                                                          Even with only three years of life experience,
                                                                                                                                    we can snuggle down to sleep, knowing God is with us!

last edited February 18, 2014