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Long ago, a wise man said, "The moral universe rests upon the breath of schoolchildren."

As a parent, teacher and writer, I frequently read stories to children. Even very young children are capable of opening their amazing minds and great hearts to the world, its challenges and joys. I write stories to give children and their grown-ups this opportunity.
    Happy February! The natural light is slowly returning. It is appropriate we should observe both Candlemas (February 2) and St. Blaise (February 3) as the month opens. Themes of light and candles coming together! Have you ever had your throat blessed for the feast of St. Blaise? Two unlit candles, tied with a ribbon so the candles take on the form  of the letter Y, are placed around a person's neck, almost resting on the shoulders. A prayer is then said  asking for health. I found this very intriguing as a child, and knew the story behind it: St. Blaise saved a child who was choking. 

Current resources:
  • A free study and action packet entitled "Detained but Loved" can be accessed here.  Learn about the hundreds of unaccompanied migrating children being held in detention centers in El Paso, TX. There parishioners of St. Pius X parish reach out to these children. This project helps children and adults understand the situation and learn different ways to respond. It is very flexible and can be used with a wide age range and in variety of settings (home, classroom, parish gatherings, etc.)
  • "Stick-With-Me Bible Stories", published by Creative Communications for the Parish: A new series of very affordable sticker stories the grades K-3. One is available, with more to come. Here's one that would be great for kids during Holy Week, or found in an Easter basket! One Happy Easter Morning:

  • Maryknoll Magazine Classroom Program: Here are links to the January study guides. For more information on this free program, see below.                  

For Teachers, Catechists, Students, and Families
 The Maryknoll Classroom Program's companion website has been launched! It is brimming over with stories from Maryknoll, related activities, photos, and other resources. See

A sneak peak at 2015 study guides:
  • February: Can kids be missioners? Learn about an eight year old who has creative ways to be a missioner right at home.
  • March: Who was Oscar Romero? 
  • April: Kids all over the world deal with climate change. What is it? What can we do?

So come into this world of stories and check out all the books, resources and ideas!
Please e-mail me and share your thoughts and experiences with working on justice issues and spirituality with kids.                                     

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Even with only three years of life experience,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        we can snuggle down to sleep, knowing God is with us!

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