Help my Child Learn to Love the Saints Series One

Growing Up Catholic in the Midst of Affluence

The Symbols of Baptism

Ember Days and Our Children

In Honor of St. John the Baptist: A Simple Play for Children and Adults

Celebrating Days of the Dead

Liturgical Year

Advent Activities

Preschoolers Are Hopeful People

Lent Through Symbols and Activities

Holy Week


Water Activities

St. Paul


Getting Ready

Catechist for the Very Young

Preschoolers and the Church Community


Early Childhood Education

A New Year is Upon Us

Getting to Know Jesus

Lenten Activities for Preschoolers

Easter Activities

May Is Mary's Month

The Sacredness of Summer

Saints and Animals

Introducing Feasts and Seasons the Easy Way

Year of the Priest


The Gifts of Observation and Thankfulness

Joyful Gift-Giving

New Responsibilities

Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

Lent and Easter

Signs of Spring and Easter

May Crowning

Books for Sharing

Stories of Saints

Planning a Welcome

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Babies and Respect Life

Advent and Preschoolers

Advent: Time of Hope