WHO IS MARYKNOLL? For 100 years, members of Maryknoll, an American Catholic organization, have been in many parts of the world, working side by side with those in greatest need. They publish an award-winning magazine, and offer a free classroom program to students in grades k-12. Anne writes the monthly study guides for grades k-6

HOW THIS FREE PROGRAM WORKS: With each issue of Maryknoll Magazine that comes out during the school year, a subscribing teacher receives a copy of the magazine, one per each student, along with a colorful poster, a story and activities based on an article in the magazine. Students learn about a wide variety of topics, from water issues in Bolivia and Tanzania to discerning God's call in different times and places, from  barefoot soccer games in Namibia to life in an orphanage in Mexico

Over 4000 Catholic schools and parishes in the United States are using this program--which means more than 215,000 students are pouring over the beautiful photos and learning about life around  the world through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. Join them in using this 
Please contact Maryknoll to sign-up.

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News from the Maryknoll Classroom Program:

A companion website has been launched!
It is brimming over with stories from Maryknoll magazine
, related activities, photos and other resources. See

Starting in September 2013, the classroom program will serve three grade levels:
  • kindergarten-grade 3
  • grades 4-6
  • grades 7-12

A new school year has begun:

  • September study guides for grades K-3 and grades 4-6:  Maryknoll Sisters Giang, Sia and Teresa show students how to work together when values clash.
  • October study guides for grades K-3 and grades 4-6: Maryknoll Father Dae Wook Kim grew up playing soccer and baseball, was fascinated by bugs, liked science and math but he knew very little about God. As a young adult, he decided to become a missioner. How did he come to know God's love?

In the 2012-2013 school year, some of the topics explored were:

  • How children living on city streets in Tanzania find safety, shelter, community and education through the work of Sister Jean Pruitt.
  • Praying in solidarity with children in areas of New Mexico adversely affected by uranium mining.
  • Sister Joy, nicknamed Hermana Papas Fritas, reaches out to families in Bolivia who support themselves by digging through garbage to find and sell recyclables.
To learn more of these study guides, go to https://sites.google.com/a/maryknoll.us/classroom/home/content/study-guides